Alternatives to Plastic Straws

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Ever since a video of a plastic straw being removed from the nose of a sea turtle surfaced on Youtube, the push to ban plastic drinking straws has become more widespread. From cities like St. Petersburg to companies such as Starbucks, the ban plastic straws movement has been picking up steam over the last 12 months. So what are the options for business owner an individuals looking to get on the ban plastic straw bus?

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Paper Straws. Less durable and quite a bit more expensive than plastic straws, paper straws seem to be the most popular option. Numerous sources have come into the market over the last six months giving consumers plenty of options. Available both wrapped and unwrapped, paper straws come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Compostable Straws. More similar to plastic straws than the paper straws are, compostable straws are typically made from corn or other organic based materials. They come both wrapped and unwrapped, and they are typically clear or green in color.

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Sip Thru Lids. Another option gaining popularity is the use of sip thru lids. Typically used for drinking hot drinks like coffee or hot tea, sip thru lids are finding an expanded role with cold drinks. Available now in black or white, companies like Dart Container are rolling out clear sip thru lids in the near future.

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